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Terms & Conditions

Photos and Video clips in the site are available free for any Registered Users within APLL and the companies within the APLL Group, journalists and those in related trades.  Most images are available in both low and high resolutions formats. Video clips are available in HD (high definition), SD (Standard definition) and in both NTSC and PAL.  Please review the format descriptions to ensure that you download the file type most appropriate for your project.

All Users would have to indicate their “Purpose/usage“ of the selected photos and/or video when you check out. Group Branding will then review the request before approving the request within 3 working days of your request.

Media members do not need approval from Group Branding for any of the requested materials.   

All images are owned by APLL and the companies within the APLL Group, and should not be amended or altered in any way.  All images and video clips provided may be reproduced under the terms specified in our Copyright and Disclaimer statement and with appropriate acknowledgement of the source (APL Logistics Ltd). 

Conduct of Users
Your right to access and use the Site is subject to the following prohibitions:

  • You may not reproduce or distribute, or cause to be reproduced or distributed, any image or material that you retrieve from the Site, without the express prior permission of APLL’s Group Branding and/or Corporate Communications department.
  • You may not use the Site to violate anyone's copyright, trademark, intellectual property rights, or privacy rights. The User Content that you submit must be your work in its entirety.
  • All rights not specifically granted to you are reserved to us. Downloading the Images does not transfer title to you.
  • Failure to abide by these restrictions may result in sanctions including termination of your user privileges on the site and cancellation of your account, as well as legal sanctions, if applicable.

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